Sunday, October 5, 2008

Hello from Michigan

Hello Cyber World,
It's a cloudy fall afternoon in beautiful west Michigan. Being from Michigan and a football fan - I say; what about those Detroit Lions? My man says; May they go 0 and 16 and I agree! They are, in our eyes - Cursed!!
Let's go Red Wings! Better a hockey fan in Michigan, than a football fan (pro football that is).
Just wanted to drop a line and say hey, also to invite to visit our new web site - and check it out. Clear filtered water - from your own home - it's the way to get the best water without paying the price for every bottle you buy. (then there the facts that plastic is made from petroleum and most bottles end up in landfills)
Keep your eyes open for more to come in the future........
Happy Rocktober!!!!

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