Sunday, October 18, 2009

Beautiful Fall Day

It's a Beautiful Fall Day here in Western Michigan, the Trees are starting to turn a riot of colors and every time the wind blows, it rains leaves. It's time for fall cleanup in the yard and those fall home improvements throughout the house. Try an easy, healthy home improvement that will give you the clear filtered water that you deserve right from your own home. Here at we offer you a large variety of water filtration systems from our slim line water pitcher to Reverse Osmosis. We offer you clean, clear water right from your own home with hundreds of contaminants removed.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Clean Water and Health

 Remember the phrase,  you are what you eat? Well that also holds true with what we drink. Water is essential for good health and the quality of the water will go a long way to ensuring that we maintain good health. When you turn that faucet on and fill your glass with water, do you consider what could be in that water? If your water comes from a municipal source chances are that the water has been treated or sanitized with chemicals like chlorine and maybe even fluoride has been added to your water. Can this be good for you? No, it isn’t and it may cause health problems in the long term. So why not do something about it and purchase a water filter system from the healthy choice.

 Our water Filtration systems filter out chlorine and hundreds of other contaminates from your water and only costs pennies a day to use (based on initial purchase price and replacement cartridges). Bottled water is expensive and the plastic bottles end up in landfills, so what are you waiting for visit and make the healthy and environmental choice of clean, clear, healthy water from your own tap!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Autumn is in the Air

Where has summer gone? Fall is in the air, the leaves are changing color, the days are getting shorter and apples are being harvested. It's getting cooler but that doesn't mean we need to drink less water. Water is essential for good health and the quality of the water we drink is also essential for good health. The water filter systems we sell at remove hundreds of contaminants from your water giving you clean clear filtered water. We offer a wide range of systems from a simple water filter pitcher to whole house water filter systems. We also have shower filters and bath water filter systems which remove chlorine and other contaminates, these are great for people with sensitive skin and for babies!  Do yourself a favor and purchase a water filter system it's good for your health and if you drink bottled water, using a water filter system instead of bottled water will save you bushels of money. So give us a try at it may be the healthiest thing you do today!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Summer Fun!

We are in late summer now and I was reflecting on the good times I had this summer, and wishing it would never end! Unfortunately summer is ending but the fun doesn't have to. When were out there having a good time we need to stay hydrated so most of us use bottled water for that task. We use bottled water because it is convenient and the water is fresh clean and healthy.  Well I have a better less costly solution to bottled water.
Purchase a water filter and fill reusable containers with the water from the filter and you have as good as bottled water or better quality water for a fraction of the cost of bottled water. At we have a water filter that will suit your needs. We have water pitcher filters, countertop filters, undersink filters including reverse osmosis undersink units. We also offer shower filters, whole house systems and saltless water softeners.
So check us out at you will love our products and our fantastic prices!     

Thursday, May 7, 2009

I thought this was a very beautiful sunset. It was taken late fall 2008 by my mom.
The picture was taken at Pere Marquette Lake, Ludington MI.  

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Spring is finally here and the weather is warm today in West Michigan. Summer is just around the corner and so are all of those home improvement projects. Did you ever consider improving the quality of the water in your home?
We at offer a large assortment of home water filtration systems, from a top of the line, slim profile Water Filter Pitcher (with 4 stages of filtration and a filter that lasts 2,000 gallons compared to 40 gallons of water) to countertop and faucet mount systems. We also offer under the sink system starting at 6 stages of filtration to reverse osmosis systems with up to 13 stages of filtration. Please check out, we have a system that will give you and your family the water you deserve.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Boats and RV's

Spring is in the air and thoughts of boating or going camping are on our minds. Does your boat or RV have a fresh water system and do you ever wonder about the quality of the water? We at can help you with the quality of water, no matter where you are! We carry a Travel Camping Filter, a low profile Water Pitcher Filter (w/ more filtration than any other on the market) and a variety of Countertop / Faucet Filtration systems. If your boat or RV is large enough an Undersink Filtration system or even a small Whole House system would work. Just think, you can be anywhere and enjoy clean, clear, healthy water right from your own portable vacation home.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Spring is Coming!

 Spring is just around the corner and we are again thinking of outdoor activity. With outdoor activity comes more water drinking and I'll bet that means a lot more bottled water. Bottled water is expensive and with everyone cutting back on what they can spend, I have a great money saving idea. Buy a water filtration system from and save big on a water filter system that costs only pennies per day (based on system purchase price) compared to the cost of bottled water. As an added bonus you help our environment by not using disposable plastic bottles that take over 300 years to decompose. Just think you save lots of money by not purchasing bottled water and your also helping the environment. Did you know that filtered water is as good if not better than bottled water. So what are you waiting for stop by and take a look at our systems and our great low prices you won't find better prices for high quality water filter systems any where else.

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