Sunday, October 18, 2009

Beautiful Fall Day

It's a Beautiful Fall Day here in Western Michigan, the Trees are starting to turn a riot of colors and every time the wind blows, it rains leaves. It's time for fall cleanup in the yard and those fall home improvements throughout the house. Try an easy, healthy home improvement that will give you the clear filtered water that you deserve right from your own home. Here at we offer you a large variety of water filtration systems from our slim line water pitcher to Reverse Osmosis. We offer you clean, clear water right from your own home with hundreds of contaminants removed.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Clean Water and Health

 Remember the phrase,  you are what you eat? Well that also holds true with what we drink. Water is essential for good health and the quality of the water will go a long way to ensuring that we maintain good health. When you turn that faucet on and fill your glass with water, do you consider what could be in that water? If your water comes from a municipal source chances are that the water has been treated or sanitized with chemicals like chlorine and maybe even fluoride has been added to your water. Can this be good for you? No, it isn’t and it may cause health problems in the long term. So why not do something about it and purchase a water filter system from the healthy choice.

 Our water Filtration systems filter out chlorine and hundreds of other contaminates from your water and only costs pennies a day to use (based on initial purchase price and replacement cartridges). Bottled water is expensive and the plastic bottles end up in landfills, so what are you waiting for visit and make the healthy and environmental choice of clean, clear, healthy water from your own tap!

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